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Mark Kislich

Mark Kislich from Germany is a long standing Expert in Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Training.

A.R.T.(Active Release) and Graston Technique are applied to stiff necks, sore shoulders, groin and hamstring pulls, etc.

Many a sore shoulder and pulled hamstring as well as stiff necks have been rehabbed in very few sessions here. Mark has studied internationally, in Canada, the U.S.A., Scandinavia and Southern Europe amongst others. There he was educated to the highest levels by top-authorities in the field, including -but not limited to- Dr. M.P. Leahy, C. Poliquin and A. Vermeil. Mark enjoys helping athletes reach the peak of their potential, and active people to reach their health and fitness goals.

Past & Present Clients include:
Logi Geirsson (Olympic Silver Medallist). Mark helped prep Logi for the 2008 Olympics in Bejing.
Eidur Smári
K.R. (Football, Basketball … Mark has worked with the K.R. Champions League team for 8 years straight: 2007-2014
...and many more!

Whether it's helping you rehabilitate that sore shoulder, lose some extra pounds, or win the National Championship: Mark is here at Sporthúsið to help you out!"

Mark Kislich



Sumartafla 29. júní 2020

Allir geta eitthvað - 15. júní

Áróra Yoga - Sumar Yoga

Bandvefslosun með Heklu - 13. mars


Dansskóli Birnu Björns - 2. júní

Unglingaþjálfun CrossFit - 15. júní

Ólympískar lyftingar - 2. júní

Ævintýrabúðir CrossFit 9-12 ára - Sumarið 2020